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We've collected some of the best links to companies that sell gifts you can give without guilt. The companies listed on this site aim to carry out their business in an ethical manner.

Some companies focus on protecting the environment, others focus on protecting workers rights. The best companies do both but, being pragmatic, it is perhaps asking a lot for companies to be totally perfect. Companies heading in the right direction are welcome to be listed on Ethical Gifts.

Ethical Gifts is a constantly evolving web site. If you know of a company that you think should be listed here, please get in touch with us at or read how to get your site listed.

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WWF Adoption

From 3 a month you can adopt an endangered wild animal.

WWF offer seven animal adoptions tiger, dolphin, panda, orang-utan, rhino, elephant and polar bear. By adopting an animal you can help to safeguard the future of their species, and help WWF to seek long-term sustainable solutions for the benefit of people and nature.

Choose from:

  • Koyah The Orang-utan
  • Malu Pothi The Bengal tiger
  • Zhu Xiong - The Giant panda
  • The Svalbard polar bear family
  • The Ileach dolphin pod Bottle nose dolphins
  • Kiruba The Asian elephant
  • Kinyanjui The Black rhino

In return you will receive an irresistibly fluffy toy of your chosen animal, WWF bag, certificate, photos and a greetings card. We'll also send you three updates through the year, letting you know how your donations are helping.

Adopt a wild animal for yourself or for a friend they make fantastic and unusual presents.

Visit WWF